About Me

Life is Good

I was born in Salem, Oregon and lived in every corner of that fine state growing up. When it was time to leave the nest I enrolled at Oberlin College  in Ohio. There, my previously provincial worldview suffered a series of fatal blows. I learned, from my peers as much as from my professors, that the world was a complicated and thorny place.

This realization was reinforced during the two post-college years  I spent as a paralegal in the bewildering world of corporate litigation. Driven to  understand the way people define themselves in such a complex and oftentimes contradictory society, I left the legal field and took up studies in American History at UC Berkeley. I decided to concentrate on cultural history: the history of stories people tell themselves about themselves, and completed my degree in August of 2012.  I then worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of California Berkeley and at Mills College.

My work as a graduate student and Lecturer has helped me become a good teacher who can  translate complicated concepts into accessible language, and  enabled me to discover my passion for working directly with students as an advisor. I was thrilled to begin my career as a student advisor with the American Studies and Religious Studies programs at UC Berkeley. And I am equally excited to continue that career during my recent transition to the Cognitive Science program. My job allows me to work interactively with students and to help make these interdisciplinary programs vibrant intellectual communities, where undergraduates can learn to question their assumptions and help expand the horizons of knowledge.